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Different Cloud Technologies - When and why you might use them

The demand for cloud computing technologies has experienced huge growth over the last decade for various reasons including scalability, flexibility and reduced IT costs.

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Posted by | 18 January 2022

5 reasons you should ditch your traditional telephony

Will VOIP replace traditional telephony? In short - yes! In 2020 BT announced that in 2025 traditional telephony as we know it would be no more. This means that all homes and businesses would need to switch over to VoIP (also known as internet telephony, cloud calling and cloud telephony) before it was turned off.

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Posted by | 5 January 2022

70% of UK businesses still using landlines despite looming ISDN switch off

Despite the deadline for BT switch off, up to 70% of UK businesses are still using landlines in their company.

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Posted by | 9 December 2021

10 Tips for keeping your employees safe online

Like it or not, our personal and business online safety is becoming increasingly saturated with cyber threats. Whether it’s phishing attacks or online hackers, there are some measures you can take to limit the damage.

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Posted by | 4 November 2021

Telappliant acquires Carlisle-based Connexions Group

Telappliant, today announces the acquisition of Connexions Group a leading Carlisle-based MSP with over 30 years’ industry experience

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Posted by | 27 October 2021

Are your passwords safe enough for 2021?

Do you know how easy your passwords are to crack if you use the same one for all of your online systems? If you are working from home, has your business set up a secure system to ensure you are safe online? In our latest blog post we take a look at these issues and more.

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Posted by | 7 October 2021

Is remote working here to stay?

According to the office of National statistics, home working stats rose by 10% in early 2020.

It feels like a low statistic, but how does that compare with the percentage of home workers in 2021?

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Posted by | 10 August 2021

What is SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access)?

Broadband without the landline.

SOGEA (Single order generic ethernet access), is new technology that allows you to have a high speed broadband connection without the need for a phone line.

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Posted by | 9 July 2021

What to do if your personal data has been compromised

Despite the term being widely used, often the specifics of a data breach are misunderstood. So what is a data breach and what can you do to protect yourself? Learn more in this latest blog.

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Posted by | 22 June 2021

What is the Dark Web and why do I need to know about it?

Continuing with our Cyber Security series offering practical measures you can take to keep your business and remote employees safe online, we take a look at the Dark Web and why every UK business needs to be more cyber aware.

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Posted by | 6 May 2021

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