We deliver communication solutions that allow people to work exactly how - and where they want to.


Who we are

Telappliant have been strengthening business communications for UK SMEs for almost 20 years.

With a product portfolio that covers a range of managed services (including telephony, business internet, IT services, cybersecurity and cloud infrastructure) we can provide all the features our customers need to work as efficiently as they want to.

As a managed service provider, it’s important we keep adding products and solutions to our portfolio so that we can continue to service our growing customer base.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and apply this knowledge to help them succeed.

About Us

Our Ethos

We pride ourselves in understanding what drives businesses, the challenges they face and the solutions that work for them, and it’s our passion for technology that gives customers the edge they need to power ahead of the competition.

Culture is important to us and we ensure all staff understand that our customers are our partners and that our customers’ success is our success.

Our core values



Working collaboratively to create successful relationships based on integrity and trust.



Passion for innovation that cultivates growth for customers and enriches our people.



Combined skills that give the best customer experience and solutions to meet their requirements.

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about us Mo

Muhammad Nasim

CEO / Managing Director

Muhammad Nasim is a Cambridge University medical graduate, with 15 years’ experience of management consultancy. As CEO, his key focus is to take responsibility for defining & delivering the company strategy by organically connecting it with each functioning component of the company.

about us Shahin

Shahin Khan


Shahin Khan holds a Master’s degree in information technology and started his career as a software developer within the financial services industry. During his career at Telappliant, Shahin has managed various technical departments and as the Operations Director he has overall responsibility for Telappliant’s operational efficiency.

about us Tan

Tan Aksoy

Director of Acquisitions

Tan is an electronic engineering Imperial College graduate. In 2003, he formed Telappliant with Muhammad Nasim, Shahin Khan and Omar El Jundi. In his capacity as Director of Acquisitions, Tan is responsible for formulating and driving the company’s future M&A strategy.