Voice Solutions

Our range of cloud communication solutions, includes VoIPOffice™ hosted phone system, talkAssure™ SIP trunking, softphone, business phone numbers and call plans.

  • Phone Systems

    VoIPOffice™ IP PBX is a VoIP business phone system which allows you to make calls over the internet, eliminating the need for a phone line. It's the complete business phone system that grows with you.

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  • Call Plans & Tariffs

    Take advantage of using VoIP for all your phone calls with Telappliant's Business Call Plans. Create a monthly call plan with inclusive free monthly minutes to meet all your calling needs.

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  • Numbers

    We have a comprehensive selection of VoIP, local, national and international phone numbers for you to select from. Whether it's for business or personal use, you can find a number that fits you.

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  • Business Mobile Plans

    Our streamlined approach to mobile contract management means that you can manage multiple mobile, text and data plans from your choice of network provider, all on one bill.

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  • SIP Trunking

    talkAssure™ SIP trunking is a fast and easy way to increase the number of concurrent calls you can make. SIP trunking removes the physical aspect of a phone line.

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  • Voice for Teams

    Integrate Microsoft Teams with our voice services for a truly integrated, collaborative environment.

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  • Number Porting Services

    Our porting services make it easier to move your telephone services away from your legacy provider to us. Start benefiting from cloud telephony now.

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  • UC Applications

    Use our selection of desktop and mobile apps to keep in contact with your workforce and your customers.

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Business Internet

Our connectAssure™ range of business internet solutions includes business broadband, superfast fibre, leased lines and wireless Ethernet.

  • FTTC Superfast Internet

    High speed Internet services, providing speeds of up to 80Mbps.

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  • FTTP Ultrafast Internet

    FTTP is the next generation of ultrafast business Internet and uses a fibre optic infrastructure proving much higher upload and download speeds than a conventional copper wire connection. Experience speeds of up to 1Gbps with deployment times of weeks.

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  • Ethernet Leased Lines

    Dedicated, highly reliable business grade Internet services, with speeds of up to 10Gbps. Complete with a service level agreement and guaranteed response times, this is the most reliable connection for your business.

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  • Private Networks

    Secure, fully managed network services, providing multi-site office environments with a seamless, high speed network, with security and reliability as priority.

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Cloud Services

Our range of agile and scalable cloud services include cloudStore™ backup, virtual private servers and private clouds environments.

  • VPS Hosting

    Our Virtual Private Servers are located in UK-based data centres, providing optimum performance, security and availability. Customised to meet your businesses requirements and fully scalable to ensure it continues to meet your needs.

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  • Private Cloud

    Our private cloud solution combines the benefits of cloud hosted technology with the security and reliability of a private, dedicated service. The resulting solution is a cloud-based environment, solely built for your use, offering greater control and privacy.

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  • Cloud Backup

    The loss of information to any business is critical. Every business relies on a physical infrastructure, such as PCs, laptops and servers to store day-to-day information. Once your data is backed up to the cloud any data lost can be quickly restored.

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IT Services

Providing businesses with a suite of comprehensive IT services, solving your technology challenges with our solutions.

  • IT Helpdesk

    Are you spending too much time solving IT issues? Telappliant IT Helpdesk saves you time by providing you with IT support packages specifically tailored to suit the needs of your business.

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  • Cyber Security

    Hackers attack UK businesses every 9 seconds, so your security strategy needs to be robust and effective enough to protect your business and your customers.

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  • IT Service Packages

    Not sure which services you need for your business? Have a look at our packaged offerings, specially designed with flexibility and your needs in mind.

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