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FTTC is super-fast fibre broadband

As FTTC uses a fibre optic infrastructure, it provides much higher upload and download speeds than a conventional ADSL copper wire connection.

Fibre optic cabling is run to the green cabinet on your street, then conventional copper cabling is run from the cabinet to your house. FTTC is now available in most of the UK. Use our availability checker below to see if you can get a fibre connection.

Read our blog on why you should choose FTTC Internet.

Ideal for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Small to medium-sized businesses looking for a cost-effective, fast and reliable internet connection suited for both voice and data communications.

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Free setup & router
Up to 80Mb Download Speed
Unlimited Monthly Usage
Cost-effective for Connecting Multiple Sites
UK-based Technical Support


FTTC 40Mb Unlimited

£24.95 per month

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FTTC 80Mb Unlimited

£29.95 per month

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Line rental additional £10 | **Subject to 12 month contract, otherwise setup fee is £49¹ Based on location of nearest exchange | ²Additional 5 - £5/month

  • Who needs FTTC?
  • How FTTC works
  • What speeds are available?
  • How reliable is FTTC?
  • What is FTTC?
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Who needs FTTC?

  • Businesses connecting multiple devices, streaming and downloading large files from the Internet
  • Businesses requiring reliable internet access across several sites and multiple users
  • Businesses that offer flexible working and staff require remote access

How does FTTC work?

Unlike traditional broadband lines, which were repackaged telephone lines, fibre optic cables have been purposely built for broadband with information being transmitted as flashes of light. With light travelling so quickly, there is less chance of interference. This means that a fibre optic internet connection is much more likely to achieve advertised speeds than traditional broadband.

What speeds are available?

20Mbps symmetrical is guaranteed, with downloads speeds reaching up to 80Mbps. This ensures you get a high speed, cost effective dedicated solution that can be installed much more quickly than a leased line, effectively giving you the best of both worlds.

How reliable is FTTC?

FTTC uses a much shorter copper line than standard ADSL broadband making it more reliable. The speed of which data travels over fibre infrastructure significantly reduces the chance of interference, allowing for a more reliable service. connectAssure FTTC comes with business phone support.

FTTC or Fibre To The Cabinet uses a fibre optic connection between your local exchange and the green street cabinet. Then conventional copper cabling, used in standard broadband connects your premises to the nearest street cabinet.

Because fibre optic infrastructure makes up the majority of the connection FTTC offer much higher speeds than conventional all copper connections.

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Please use the availability checker below to determine if FTTP is available in your location. If you require further details then please contact us to discuss further.

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