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Business telephony solutions helping you save money

Communications are an important, but sometimes costly, business necessity. With more businesses than ever looking to cut costs, cloud communications offer more ways for you to save money, by powering your telephone system over your internet connection.

Traditionally, businesses will spend a lot of money on hardware and infrastructure for their telephony solution that is both difficult to maintain, repair and upgrade. If you're wondering how to save your money, our cloud-based solutions remove the physical aspect of this and associated costs, replacing it with a more competitively-priced system that is in "the cloud".

Cost-effective upgrades

As your business grows, so does your phone system, requiring more phone lines, more minutes, etc. Previously, this would weigh heavily on businesses as they would have to install new physical phone lines along with paying extra line rental. Cloud communications ease this growth without the need for additional infrastructure, saving you time and money in the process.

Money saving call packages

As calls are placed over the internet and not through physical lines, they are much cheaper. Additionally, all internal calls placed through VoIPOffice, our cloud telephony solution, are completely free, regardless of location. This means that you can have one solution covering multiple offices and spanning many locations, with no limits on calling each other. Find out more about our small business VoIP solutions.

Free setup and number transfer

Where usually you might spend excessively on engineers travelling to your location to install new hardware, we set up your cloud telephony system for free. If you have a business telephone number, we will port this to our network free of charge, ensuring business continuity.

Key benefits:

  • Cost-effective upgrades offer long-term savings
  • Low-cost and free internal calls promote a no-limit-calling philosophy
  • No setup fees and free number porting remove upfront investment

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