VoIP users "must have" echo cancellation software

Published on: 29 June 2010
Echo cancellation software is a "must have" for VoIP customers, it has been claimed.Matt Brunk, technology expert at techtarget.com, said that consumers should purchase the software to ensure high-quality calls.He wrote on the website: "Never buy any VoIP solution without echo cancellation onboard. Why? You will need it."Mr Brunk also claimed that customers should invest in a noise cancellation solution, which blocks out background noise.However, customers are advised to identify the root of the two problems before buying any software.Background noise could be caused by numerous sources including the type of VoIP hardware used and the choice of software.Network issues can also have a detrimental affect on sound quality as poor cabling or problems with the ground loop on the equipment are known causes of background noise and echo.Furthermore, Mr Brunk claimed that "noise and echo are always present" as the issue may be due to an external cause, such as the office environment.

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