VoIP solutions 'need network evaluation'

29 December 2008

VoIP solutions should not be deployed until network capabilities have been fully checked, according to an industry commentator.Tim McCreery explained on eWeek.com that many enterprisers make the mistake of thinking VoIP solutions will be just the same as their conventional telephone services.However, VoIP deployments require more planning and one of the most important aspects of this is to make sure the network "can adequately support applications that are very sensitive to latency, packet loss, jitter and other similar performance factors".Mr McCreery claimed that for VoIP to have a consistent quality, it must provide a "steady, predictable packet delivery rate".When packets are lost, jitter is experienced, which makes for a poor quality of calls, he added.Earlier this month, LSI released an echo cancellation program for its StarPro range of multicore media processors.The firm claimed that this technology could help improve the quality of VoIP calls, on both fixed-line and wireless networks.

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