VoIP 'a key tool for maintaining productivity this summer'

Published on: 9 July 2014
Companies that are concerned about their ability to maintain productivity during a busy summer of sports could gain numerous benefits from the use of VoIP technology.This is the view of Alan Ritchie, managing director of PC World Business, who told the International Business Times that IP-based communications technology is one of a number of advances that can keep offices running at maximum efficiency, even as more people explore the possibilities offered by mobile working.Many companies will have already found that flexible working has seen a surge in popularity this year due to the recent busy sporting schedule. Plenty of staff members will have been keen to rearrange their work hours to stay abreast of the latest developments from Wimbledon, the World Cup, the Tour de France and the Commonwealth Games.With new legislation having been introduced by the government entitling all employees to request the right to flexible working hours on June 30th 2014, firms will be seeking ways of ensuring staff remain completely connected to the office and the rest of their team, no matter where they are based.According to Mr Ritchie, VoIP can play a key role in this. With this technology, employees can make phone calls over the internet, a solution that is not only much cheaper than traditional fixed lines, but also allows individuals to receive all of their phone calls on one specific number.It means they are free to choose whether their desk, home or mobile phone rings, depending on their location at the time. Additionally, the video conferencing capabilities offered by VoIP technology makes it possible to host virtual meetings, ensuring communication between staff members remains easy to arrange, even when they are geographically separate from each other.Additionally, Mr Ritchie suggested that investing in lightweight laptops and smart devices can make it easier for workers to stay productive while on the move, while utilising the right cyber security measures is essential for ensuring any sensitive business data handled by remote workers remains secure, encrypted and confidential.

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