UEFA to consider BYOD policy for Euro 2016 volunteers

Published on: 1 July 2013
Volunteers at the Euro 2016 football tournament might be able to make use of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend, which will enable UEFA to save money on providing IT devices.The competition, which will be held in France, will see the continent's best national sides compete against each other. It will be covered by the worldwide media and thousands of volunteers will be needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly.Speaking at the Cloud World Forum 2013 event, Daniel Marion, the head of IT at UEFA told Computer Weekly that because the bulk of content is now consumed on mobile devices, this is only set to rise in the coming years.At Euro 2012 around 5,000 people were provided with computers, smartphones and other devices so that they could carry out their work. This accounted for about ten per cent of the overall budget for the tournament.At the conclusion of the final UEFA then had to either resell or dispose of the gadgets, which proved to be time consuming.According to the source, UEFA is now working out how cost-effective it would be to introduce a BYOD policy, which would give volunteers access to VoIP services, the internet, blogs, databases and other important resources during the tournament.Venues for the tournament are spread around the country, from Lille and Lens in the north to Toulouse and Marseille in the south, so the need for a highly portable and connected IT setup is very important."Having a robust and secure BYOD policy in place to support all devices for Euro 2016 will definitely help us reduce costs. It is all about balancing the risks and savings," Mr Marion told Computer Weekly.UEFA has already embraced cloud services, with nine-tenths of its infrastructure hosted in private setups. This means it has a highly scalable and virtual IT network which embraces the fact that the organisation is in charge of football around the continent.

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