New mobile app could boost VoIP traffic

Published on: 15 June 2010
A new iPhone application has been launched which enables users to access VoIP solutions via the 3G network. iPhone customers will be able to make high-definition VoIP calls from anywhere they can receive a 3G signal following the release of Call Global's latest application. The new service could boost VoIP traffic as more customers begin to use the increasingly accessible technology.Sean Gill, chief marketing officer of Call Global, claimed that mobile VoIP applications will begin to rival mobile operators own services in the future. He said: "High quality VoIP calls over 3G networks is the next great step in telecom innovation. Mobile VoIP apps have begun to shake up the mobile industry by providing consumers low-cost calling alternatives."In June, the US-based firm will be releasing another update of the Call Global App for the iPhone version 4.0 which will allow users to receive VoIP calls when the application is closed.

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