How important is VoIP in flexible working?

Published on: 1 August 2012
Flexible working is a procedure that is becoming more and more common to British businesses and employees, as its efficiency benefits are more widely realised.With the Olympic Games currently taking place in London, it is an option that is sure to have been put into practice by many firms in the capital in recent days as they seek to ensure staff are not caught up in the disruption and queues caused by the sporting event.But what exactly is it and how can companies look to make the very most of it?Flexible working incorporates several different aspects, such as allowing people to work from various locations other than the office, permitting different working hours and offering incentives to complete jobs when the employer wants them done.Tom Ball, managing director of NearDesk, has been speaking about the trend and noted one of the main benefits for deploying it is money. Giving people a desk on a permanent basis costs money all the time they are not there, so by running flexible working more use can be made of all spaces."The other advantage [of flexible working] is around talent. A lot of people leave great jobs because the commute and the lifestyle that comes with the job is just horrible, so flexible working is a great way to keep the very best people," Mr Ball stated.When it comes to investing in the tools that make flexible working an effective option, it might just be that VoIP is right up there with the best of them. The internet-based telecommunications system allows firms to make cheap calls to their staff at any time, no matter what their location.If an employee is working from home, they are easily contactable by VoIP, while even if they are only available via a mobile from a foreign country, the solution can also be used to talk to them cheaply and efficiently.Many firms are getting an example of how the process works at the moment thanks to the Games - which run until August 12th - but after that there may be many more willing to invest in its advantages.

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