Del Monte hails success of VoIP roll-out

Published on: 1 November 2007
Fruit producer Del Monte claims to have saved up to £75,000 a year after rolling out VoIP services across its offices. The food giant said that the implantation of the new system had been "smooth" and required very little training of their employees. It plans to introduce AVST's CallXpress throughout the entire company following the success of the installation of five systems which are used by more than 3,000 employees. Dave Braun, senior network analyst at Del Monte said the transition had been an easy one and that senior staff were already seeing the benefits. "Many of them carry BlackBerry or Treo smartphones to receive their email messages," he said. "They can also look in their Exchange inbox to see who called, and listen to the voice message attachment. It helps them to manage their time better." Del Monte hopes to expand its VoIP offering to allow for 4,000 users by the end of 2008 and plans to convert 14 more offices to allow for the system over the next two years.

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