Asterisk VoIP solutions - the recipe for success

Published on: 14 April 2011
Cooking up a well-designed Asterisk installation is a matter of knowing the right 'recipes' for the VoIP solutions used by the system.Steven Sokol, Asterisk marketing director at the platform's developer Digium, writes on the Inside the Asterisk blog that Russell Bryant and Leif Madsen, authors of Asterisk Cookbook, each have their own favourite recipes.Mr Bryant's relates to debugging the Asterisk Dialplan, creating a flexible troubleshooting approach to VoIP solutions connected using the system.Hotdesking is the topic of interest for Mr Madsen, who again touches on Dialplan scripting in order to enhance the flexibility of the office environment in which the IP telephony solutions are being used.The pair are due to discuss their 'recipes' in more detail on April 21st at the next instalment in the Asterisk Tech Tips series.Each recipe in the Asterisk Cookbook is designed to assist in creating a custom IP PBX using the platform, complete with code snippets to help make this possible.

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