Android handsets 'are ideal for mobile VoIP solutions users'

Published on: 6 January 2012
Investing in voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions for mobiles can be a tempting option for businesses seeking ultimate efficiency and excellent results.Companies that use VoIP are in a position to slash their communications costs, as they use the web to make calls rather than traditional technology.VoIP is also a highly tempting option to ambitious firms as it provides the opportunity to create an entirely global presence, as contact with no part of the world is beyond a user.An increasing number of commercial customers could also be turning to mobile versions of the software in order to allow them to make voice calls via a handset from remote locations.Patrick Nelson, writing for TechNewsWorld, has explained the advantages of this, naming Android devices as among the best on offer for the purpose.He suggested those who invest in this are "abandoning your lacklustre cellphone signal" in favour of routing calls over Wi-Fi and through "the internet pipe".Mr Nelson went on to advise there are five steps towards running mobile VoIP solutions successfully and efficiently, starting with signing up to a provider.Firms should then start to gather the settings they will use to make the most of the technology, before setting up the tool they are to run.To complete the job, bosses must then obtain an incoming number for their devices and, finally, have a test run to ensure the solution is operating correctly.Organisations that opt to join the mobile VoIP solutions revolution in 2012 will not be alone, as recent statistics suggest it will be a popular trend over the coming months.In-Stat said it is expecting the number of subscribers to triple in the 2011 business year. Senior analyst Amy Cravens said the market is still in its infancy but there are "significant opportunities" for companies within it.

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