Almost half of women 'cannot combine family life with successful career'

Published on: 16 September 2013
The difficulties many people face when trying to sustain a happy home as well as a successful career have been emphasised by a new study, which shows almost half of all women think it is impossible to do so.O2 conducted a survey that found 47 per cent of females believe they have no chance of enjoying both a satisfying home life and a fulfilling career. The study asked 2,000 women in the UK to explain their feelings on the matter, with many revealing a different persona at home to the one they use at work.It was suggested that there is now a "desperate need" to help women succeed in the workplace by creating the right environment for them to flourish. One in ten respondents said there are no females in senior positions within the company they work for.Some women are even taking on stereotypically male characteristics in a bid to succeed at work, such as hiding emotions (50 per cent of respondents), dressing in a masculine way (23 per cent) and exaggerating assertiveness (12 per cent).Ann Pickering, HR director at Telefonica UK, told HR Magazine: "While businesses have come a long way from the offices of Mad Men, the reality is that many modern women are still feeling the pressure to conform to outdated stereotypes. Employers must try and create an environment where all employees feel comfortable. This makes perfect business sense."One tool that can help firms to give women more opportunities to work in a way that suits them is VoIP. This can be utilised to allow female staff to work from home or at different times in order to meet their family commitments, while still remaining in touch with the office.VoIP solutions allow users to make cheap calls over the internet, so providing women are based somewhere with a reliable internet connection, they will be able to receive information and instructions from bosses at any time of the day.

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