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Del Monte hails success of VoIP roll-out

Fruit producer Del Monte claims to have saved up to £75,000 a year after rolling out VoIP services across its offices. The food giant said that the implantation of the new system had been "smooth" and required ...

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Posted by | 1 November 2007

Telappliant given ISO certification

Small businesses can now be even more confident when purchasing IP telephony solutions from Telappliant after the firm announced it has been given ISO 9001:2000 certification.

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Posted by | 7 September 2007

Virgin Media poised to spread triple play services into France

Despite experiencing difficulties in the UK, Virgin Media looks set to spread its triple play - broadband, TV and phone - service into France.Earlier this year it was predicted by researchers at tech firm Booz Allen Hamilton ...

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Posted by | 15 August 2007

New VoIP management platform launched

Internet telephony provider VoIP Logic has introduced the Cortex 2.0, its new web-based VoIP management platform.Designed for easy use by VoIP users themselves as well as service providers, the program allows tailoring of the...

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Posted by | 3 August 2007

Asterisk VoIP system to sync with Microsoft Exchange

German VoIP manufacturer Cruise intends to integrate its Asterisk-based system with Microsoft Exchange 2007 server.The merging of the product will mean users can launch VoIP calls by clicking on clients in their Outlook email...

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Posted by | 23 July 2007

Korea predicts smell over IP by 2015

The world of 'smellyvision' might not be as far away as we thought, according to a survey of 3,500 Korean researchers.By 2015, the Ministry of Information and Communication in Korea said to the Korean Times that it should be ...

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Posted by | 28 February 2007

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