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3G roll-out to 'boost' mobile VoIP traffic

expansion of 3G networks, according to research. A new report by technology research firm Juniper Research has revealed that the industry will develop faster in Europe and North America following the increased access to 3G.A...

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Posted by | 27 May 2010

VoIP solutions 'more accessible for the deaf' with special headset

A new headset has been developed to help deaf people use VoIP hardware more effectively by offering compatibility with hearing aids.The CLA3 headset has been designed by manufacturer Geemarc Telecom using input from people wh...

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Posted by | 30 September 2009

90% of over-50s using the internet to communicate

The number of over-50s going online seems to be increasing, with 90 per cent using a broadband connection to communicate, potentially using VoIP solutions.According to the research from Just Retired, many over-50s use email t...

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Posted by | 20 August 2009

UC system for SMEs could help avoid start-up costs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could avoid having to pay excessive start-up costs by investing in unified communications (UC) systems, according to an expert.Contributing to the National Computing Centre's membersh...

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Posted by | 24 June 2009

Make VoIP calls at Starbucks with new Wi-Fi network

Consumers will soon be able to make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls at Starbucks after the coffee chain rolled out a new Wi-Fi network, it has emerged. British Telecom (BT) will provide wireless internet hot spots f...

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Posted by | 21 April 2009

New single-chip solution for VoIP phones

ESS Technology has released a new chip for VoIP phones which it claims is the first of its kind.The ES9701 embeds two subscriber line interface circuits (SLICs) along with an Ethernet switch, which ESS believes will provide a...

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Posted by | 6 January 2009

WiFi VoIP success at Belfast hospital

Results from a study into WiFi VoIP at the Royal Victoria Hospital Emergency Department in Belfast during December 2007 have just been published.The system works by each person having a communicator hanging round their neck, ...

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Posted by | 1 August 2008

Aastra softphone offers alternative to VoIP phones

Aastra have released a new softphone which is specifically designed for SMBs and can be used instead of VoIP phones.Workers who are out of the office and have access to the internet can be reached on their normal number via t...

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Posted by | 8 July 2008

Virgin Atlantic agrees IT infrastructure outsourcing extension

Virgin Atlantic has signed a deal with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) that will see the two firms continue their IT outsourcing partnership for a further three years.TCS will be responsible for controlling the airline giant'...

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Posted by | 12 May 2008

"Slow take up" for IPTV in United Kingdom

Slow download speeds, the size of computer monitors and consumer reluctance is hindering the adoption of internet protocol television (IPTV) via a broadband connection, reports say. Technology blog Techwatch says that looking...

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Posted by | 4 March 2008

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