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How important is VoIP in flexible working?

Flexible working is a procedure that is becoming more and more common to British businesses and employees, as its efficiency benefits are more widely realised.With the Olympic Games currently taking place in London, it is an ...

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Posted by | 1 August 2012

Android handsets 'are ideal for mobile VoIP solutions users'

Investing in voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions for mobiles can be a tempting option for businesses seeking ultimate efficiency and excellent results.Companies that use VoIP are in a position to slash their communi...

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Posted by | 6 January 2012

Asterisk VoIP solutions - the recipe for success

Cooking up a well-designed Asterisk installation is a matter of knowing the right 'recipes' for the VoIP solutions used by the system.Steven Sokol, Asterisk marketing director at the platform's developer Digium, w...

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Posted by | 14 April 2011

VoIP phones 'make calling home cheaper' from Cricket World Cup

As the 2011 Cricket World Cup enters the quarter-final stage, VoIP phones could offer a cheaper way for Barmy Army members to call home.Between March 23rd and April 2nd, eight teams are due to be whittled down to two, before ...

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Posted by | 23 March 2011

VoIP services in Channel Islands set to profit from broadband roll out

VoIP services in the Channels Islands could be set to improve following the roll out of a new fibre-optic broadband network.The Jersey Telecoms network is set to be upgraded to offer 25 per cent of its customers the chance to...

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Posted by | 8 November 2010

VoIP service industry to grow in Africa and the Middle East

The VoIP service industry in Africa and the Middle East is predicted to expand at a rapid rate over the next five years, according to new research.A new report by Pyramid Research has revealed that the VoIP solutions sector w...

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Posted by | 14 October 2010

New mobile app could boost VoIP traffic

Mobile VoIP traffic could be set to rise following the release of a new mobile application.VoX Communications has launched its VoIP application specifically for the Nokia N900 smartphone.The move could lead to an increase in ...

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Posted by | 12 August 2010

VoIP users "must have" echo cancellation software

Echo cancellation software is a "must have" for VoIP customers, it has been claimed.Matt Brunk, technology expert at, said that consumers should purchase the software to ensure high-quality calls.He wrote on th...

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Posted by | 29 June 2010

iPhone mobile VoIP app allows multi-tasking

US iPhone users will soon be able to access multiple applications while using mobileVoIP solutions.The Line 2 mobile VoIP application will take advantage of the new multi-tasking feature available on the latest iPhone operati...

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Posted by | 17 June 2010

New mobile app could boost VoIP traffic

A new iPhone application has been launched which enables users to access VoIP solutions via the 3G network. iPhone customers will be able to make high-definition VoIP calls from anywhere they can receive a 3G signal following...

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Posted by | 15 June 2010

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