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Recruitment consultants need the best tools for the job so they can match the right candidate with the right client at any time. The phone is a consultant's most important tool, so it's vital that they have the latest features at their fingertips.

Many traditional technologies have now advanced and moved online and the phone is no exception. With VoIP, you place all of your calls over the internet and benefit from a wealth of features that a traditional phone system can't offer.

Lower costs

You no longer need a phone line to make calls; with VoIP, you will make an instant saving. With call charges on average 60% cheaper than BT, you will make a saving even if the majority of your calls are to mobiles.

Room to expand

As new consultants join, multiple virtual phone lines can be created remotely without the need for an engineer. With our user-friendly online interface, you can create your own numbers, extension and call groups.

Feature rich

Voicemails are emailed to you as an audio file so you no longer have to dial in to listen to your messages. Don't want to miss an important call but too busy to take all calls? Setup a VIP queue so you only receive the call you have been waiting for. Take a look at the full list of VoIPOfficeTM features.

Mobile and remote working

It's important for consultants to stay connected wherever they are. Unified Communications allows consultants to take their desk phone and all of its features with them and work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Key Benefits

  • CRM integration provides click to dial, offering productivity gains
  • Scalable solutions make it easy to react to changing business requirements
  • Call recording, monitoring and metrics provide insightful statistics
  • Mobile and remote working enables employee flexibility

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Work Anywhere

Access your system remotely regardless of the location, whilst retaining your office phone functionality.

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Grow With Us

Future-proof your business with a solution that is designed with scalability and growth in mind.

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Save Money

Solutions that require minimum upfront investment, money saving call tariffs and no costly setup fees.

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