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It's important within the accommodation and food industries to maintain effective communication channels across staff, guests and vendors.

Our cloud telephony solutions can deliver a huge upgrade to the standard communication model for the hospitality market, providing your business with cost-effective phone calls and advanced telephony functionality, backed up with industry-leading support.

Low-cost call plans

Because call volumes in accommodation and food industries can be high, we are proud to offer a range of low-cost call plans, representing significant cost-saving potential and a true business advantage.

Answer every call

VoIPOfficeTM, our cloud telephony solution, comes with many advanced features such as call forwarding, music on hold, conference calls and voicemail, whilst advanced steering options allow you to answer every call.

Phone in every room

By using our phone rental service, you can have a phone in every room with minimal upfront cost. In the hotel sector, this is an advantage as it allows guests to have easy access to ordering food and valet services.

Key benefits:

  • Cost-effective call plans and free internal calling offer savings
  • Advanced telephony functionality increase customer satisfaction
  • Phone rental scheme allows for many handsets with minimal investment

Unified communications for the SME

This whitepaper explains unified communications and analyses its benefits in the context of SMEs. It also covers essential things you need to know about unified communications.

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Save Money

Solutions that require minimum upfront investment, money saving call tariffs and no costly setup fees.

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