Your Guide To The 2025 ISDN Switch-Off

Change is coming to the telephony industry. How prepared are you? Download our latest eBook and learn more about the BT ISDN switch-off.

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Your Guide To The 2025 ISDN Switch-Off

British Telecom has announced it will be gradually phasing out its traditional PSTN and ISDN networks by 2025, beginning in 2020.

New networks will be IP-based as old technology is replaced with newer, more versatile technologies.

This shift in infrastructure is an evolution of the telephony space, addressing the need for voice services that offer a more streamlined approach to communication. ISDN and PSTN networks are recognised as out of date, as their architectures have limitations that restrict their flexibility and these need to be addressed.

We understand how important this update is to businesses, especially those who are seeking to make a new investment in communication solutions. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive guide to the ISDN switch-off.

You’ll discover more about:

  • The details of PSTN and ISDN lines, and why they’re now deemed outdated
  • Top tips for preparing your business ahead of the BT ISDN switch-off
  • The alternatives to ISDN lines and how they could benefit your business
  • The rise of 5G and how this can enhance the way you use alternative solutions


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