SME guide to the cloud

sme guide to the cloud v1

The SMEs guide to cloud. What is it? Who uses it? How can businesses benefit from it?


What is the cloud?

Cloud services are software or storage that is hired on a subscription basis with public or private infrastructure based on business requirements.

  • 90% of organisations using cloud are satisfied with it
  • 58% of SMB cloud adopters reported significant productivity benefits
  • 56% of SMEs believe that it has provided them with a competitive advantage
  • 37% of businesses currently use cloud services
  • 4/5 of organisations can expect to save 20% by using cloud services
  • 78% of small businesses will have adopted cloud by 2020

What services are businesses most likely to adopt?

  • 58% adopt email
  • 27% would use it for booking systems
  • 54% would use it for backup
  • 45% storage
  • 58% for hosting services

Why businesses are reluctant to adopt cloud services

  • 52% are concerned with privacy
  • 34% are concerned about lack of operational control
  • 21% worry about low performance standards

Reasons to choose cloud computing

  • Flexibility - Scale your service up or down depending on your demand
  • Disaster recovery - Affordable cloud based backup
  • No CAPEX - No high cost expenses associated with hardware
  • Automatic software updates - Off premises servers are maintained by the supplier, meaning you don’t need to maintain anything
  • Work together - Greater collaboration between colleagues able to edit and share documents
  • Security - Military grade data centres ensure your data is secure
  • Work on the move - Access work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

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