SME guide to cutting costs

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In a tough climate, identifying areas to reduce spend and boost productivity is an essential step in ensuring your business stays profitable.

How VoIP saves your business money

Where savings can be made with VoIP adoption

  • line rental
  • maintenance charges additional
  • extension charges
  • reduced monthly bills
  • FREE internal calls
  • low-cost international calls

Reduce CAPEX costs

  • handset rentals
  • desktop & mobile apps

See the benefits of these time-saving services

  • consolidated billing
  • save on admin

Reduce travel expenses with online conferencing. Save on:

  • fuel and company vehicle expenses
  • train and airfares
  • hotel costs

Business productivity booster

Bring world-class customer service to your business

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Track & report: Allowing greater customer insight
  • Never miss a call: increased call handling capacity

VoIP enables your business the flexibility ISDN lines can't:

  • stays in step with your seasonal demands
  • instantly add & remove phone lines

Staff work more efficiently using unified comms

  • Enable staff collaboration
  • Resolve issues faster
  • Low maintenance requirements

Big savings can be made on workforce flexibility

  • happier, more productive workforce
  • access to talent pool not restricted by location
  • reduced overheads

Start making savings today by adopting VoIP services with Telappliant

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