Managed Firewall

Secure firewall protection for your business

Firewalls provide protection at the entry points to your network, acting as a gate keeper preventing unauthorised access to your data whilst allowing authorised communication and collaboration. As the number of entry points and sophistication of attacks increases, the ability to adequately manage these risks becomes more difficult.

Do I need a Managed Firewall?

Managing your own firewall is resource intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorised access and data loss. Adequate protection requires continuous monitoring of network traffic to identify and respond to threats before any damage is caused.

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  • Improved security – Our managed firewalls are monitored on a 24/7 basis providing you with the latest information
  • Control and visibility – Gain a better understanding of your traffic and users while remaining in control of defining your own security policy
  • Resilient and reliable – Choose between a single device or a pair of devices for higher availability and protection


  • Firewall hardware – Utilise a range of industry leading hardware including Cisco and SonicWall
  • Improved productivity – Reduce downtime and prevent unstable or vulnerable applications from running on your network
  • Fully scalable – As your network grows so will our protection. We will customise the solution to meet your requirements and continually improve it to match your network


  • Point-to-point VPNs - Establish fully-secure connectivity between multiple sites, over the internet, where this is a more appropriate networking option than dedicated private network
  • Remote Access VPNs - Provide your employees with network access while they work remotely. Managed firewalls will work with your existing authentication solutions


  • DMZs (De-Militarised Zones) - Provide high security for key applications, enabling access from the internet under tightly defined conditions, whilst denying access to other resources
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) - Select additional services to be deployed on your Managed Firewall, depending on the firewall model you choose

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