Everything you need to start using SMS for marketing, notifications, reminders and much more. TextBurst offers affordable SMS messaging at scale with unrivalled speed and deliverability.

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Textburst is the ideal solution for:


Delivery Updates


Appointment Reminders




Status Updates




Bulk Marketing

Textburst offers affordable SMS messaging at scale with unrivalled speed and deliverability, allowing you to reach your customers more easily and deliver a fantastic customer experience.

Built for businesses who don’t have the time, skills or resources to build their own, we have an easy-to-use web application that enables you to send, manage and analyse all of your messaging campaigns.

How will Textburst SMS system benefit you?

Blazing Speed

Blazingly Fast

Typical SMS response speed is more than 2000 times faster than that of email messaging.

Extremely Reliable

Extremely Reliable

You’ll reach your audience directly, through a channel that is less competitive than email.

Low Cost

Low Cost

We offer low rates per message, monthly packages with price breaks allowing you to budget and control your spend.

Features of Textburst

Each of these elevates us a little above the competition.

Worldwide network coverage

Send just to your home country, or to contacts all around the world with Textburst's excellent international network coverage.

Personalized bulk SMS

If you are familiar with mail merge in Microsoft word then this will be easy. You can personalize messages you send to groups using data like first name, last name or custom data.

Scheduled SMS

Compose a message to be sent at a specific time and date. You'll be notified when it is sent.

Emoji Support

When words aren't enough for you or your marketing team, you can always find something in our emoji library.


Surveys, FAQs, two-factor authentication, we have templates for all of them, you can even make your own to save time.

Branded SMS

Your customers will know the messages are coming from you. You can reinforce your message by adding custom branding to messages.

Live Reporting

Get detailed delivery statistics for all campaigns in the web browser dashboard or email notifications You can even use link tracking!

Contact Groups

Segment and organise your list into groups. You can even let customers join specific groups with a simple text message.

Opt-out and Blacklists

A simple way to let people opt-out of your messaging. GDPR compliant, your marketing team will thank you.

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