Private Cloud

Scalable and secure private Cloud solution

Our private cloud solution combines the benefits of cloud-hosted technology with the security and reliability of a private, dedicated service. The resulting solution is a cloud-based environment, solely built for your use, offering greater control and privacy.

Private cloud environments are complex and require highly technical expertise to set up and manage. With our managed private cloud solution, we provide the cloud expertise and take care of the infrastructure and management of your own environment so you can focus on your business.

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  • Security & privacy – Access technology, private connections and firewalls all make this a completely private solution out of reach of snooping
  • Strict control – As a private solution, you have complete control over the configuration and management, tailoring the solution to your needs


  • Cost effective – Allocate resources to each department based on their demand to avoid unused capacity and unnecessary spend
  • Increased reliability – Virtualised environments increase resiliency to individual infrastructure failures by dynamically allocating resources and remaining stable


  • Full UK phone support
  • Built using VMware technology
  • Dedicated resources onto Tier 1 hardware


  • Complementary cloud solutions available for a complete solution
  • Web-based management platform

Ideal for:

  • Businesses that use cloud services but need to have a private, secure and dedicated service.

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