Business Cloud Hosting Services

Secure and reliable cloud services

Our range of cloud services includes cloudStore™ backup, virtual private servers and virtualised private cloud environments.

Hosting services in the cloud allows you to stay agile and scalable, quickly reacting to changing business requirements.

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VPS Hosting

Our Virtual Private Servers are located in UK-based data centres, providing optimum performance, security and availability. Customised to meet your businesses requirements and fully scalable to ensure it continues to meet your needs.

Private Cloud

Our private cloud solution combines the benefits of cloud hosted technology with the security and reliability of a private, dedicated service. The resulting solution is a cloud-based environment, solely built for your use, offering greater control and privacy.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

The loss of information to any business is critical. Every business relies on a physical infrastructure, such as PCs, laptops and servers to store day-to-day information. Once your data is backed up to the cloud any data lost can be quickly restored.

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