openTalk Wholesale Portal

The openTalk™ wholesale portal puts the control firmly in your hands

openTalk is a wholesale portal designed for Telappliant resellers to provide a VoIP service to their customers, without the need for costly investment or timely development. The portal allows the Reseller to maintain control over the VoIP service they are providing, making it entirely their own. Features include full account, tariff and incoming number management.

As a web-based management system, you can access and administer the portal from anywhere, allowing the manual provisioning of subscriber accounts, calling credit, voicemail and incoming numbers. Thus ensuring you can provide a first-class service to your customers. 

Features include:

  • Account management - manage all aspects of your customers accounts
  • Tariff management - auto-provision products, set desired tariffs and more
  • Manage incoming numbers - transfer numbers between accounts and set up routing

To learn more about the openTalk wholesale portal, talk to our reseller team on 0345 004 4043


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