VoIPOffice Multi-Tenant

Offer your customers a complete IP PBX solution

VoIPOffice Multi-Tenant enables you to have your own private-brand login page for your customers and you can set your own prices, so that you are truly able to provide your own service. This empowers you to be flexible with your customer pricing.

Complement the VoIPOffice MT with Telappliant's openTalk™ Wholesale VoIP Portal and you will be able to deliver numbering and call termination services directly to your customers.

We will provide you with the ability to become your own service provider. All customer prices are determined and provisioned by you, leaving you in total control of your business.

To talk to our reseller team directly, please call us on 0345 004 4043.


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Key benefits:

  • Low cost monthly pricing based on concurrent calls model
  • Pay-as-you-Grow model lets you grow as your customer base grows
  • Create unlimited customer VoIPOffice PBX systems
  • Integrate with the Telappliant OpenTalk Wholesale Portal to provide numbering and call termination services
  • Customise the branding of your Multi-Tenant solution
  • Other customisable features including custom logo, name, help tab and CSS