What is SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access)?

Broadband without the landline.

SOGEA (Single order generic ethernet access), is new technology that allows you to have a high speed broadband connection without the need for a phone line.


Published on: 9 July 2021

No landline? No problem!

By the end of 2025 all traditional phone and business ISDN lines will be switched off and withdrawn from service, and will be the end of traditional methods of making and receiving phone calls.

The phone line in its traditional sense will no longer exist, which is a huge step forward since historically you would need a phone line before you could have a broadband service such as FTTC installed. SOGEA is a broadband-only FTTC replacement, and SOTAP is a broadband-only ADSL replacement in areas where FTTC isn’t yet available. These new services provide customers with increased reliability and cost reduction as a phone line and associated call packages are no longer necessary to have an Internet service.

So, 2021 could signal the start of a huge shake up for some organisations, who still rely on traditional phone lines to communicate, rather than Internet telephony (VoIP). A number of exchanges have already stopped taking orders for legacy telephone lines, so the change has already begun, and with SOGEA being quicker and easier to install, you should start thinking about ‘when’, rather than ‘why?’.

Benefits of SOGEA

  • Improves reliability of Internet connections, which are often caused by legacy telephone line faults
  • Potential cost savings due to no requirement for a phone line
  • Encouraging home workers and businesses to consolidate voice and data requirements onto a single Internet services

What are your options?

  • Migrating existing FTTC / ADSL services with phone lines to SOGEA / SOTAP. Existing phone lines are migrated to VoIP services and numbers ported.


  • Order a brand new SOGEA service if you require Internet access.

What if you require voice services?

As an established managed service provider, we can provide SOGEA. All of our SOGEA installations come with a VoIP telephone service as standard, enabling you to make and receive calls as you would do with an standard telephone line. You will be given the option to choose a telephone number or migrate your existing one (a process known as porting). ISDN services can be replaced with a SOGEA service or leased line, coupled with a SIP trunk service and DDI number ranges. Unlimited call packages are also available.

When do you need to think about ordering SOGEA?

There is still plenty of time to start preparing for the change. If you are considering migrating your existing telephone line and Internet service or wish to order a Broadband-only service, then please contact us to discuss further.

Why Telappliant?

Telappliant have been providing managed services to UK business for nearly 20 years. Our highly qualified service team are always on hand to offer support and guidance about advances and changes in technology for business.

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