Use VoIP to avoid losing customers when staff leave

Matthew Toth, president of Collaborative Communications Consulting, said that this is one of the hidden benefits of hosted VoIP, as a result of the greater control this technology can provide over a corporate comms network.

Published on: 11 July 2014

Find out how VoIP can help you avoid losing customers when salespeople leave your business. 

Typically, key salespeople within any company recognise that the best way of retaining customers is to create and maintain a long-term relationship with them, and that the easiest way of doing this is by providing the client with access to their mobile number. However, for employers, this creates a potential dilemma when that member of staff leaves the company, as there is a chance the customer will continue contacting the salesperson directly for their orders - even if the staff member is now employed by a key competitor.

Mobile working

Some firms try and get around this by providing company-owned mobile phones, but most workers are not keen on the idea of having to carry two mobiles around with them at all times. Instead, hosted VoIP can offer a far more streamlined alternative option. Using a VoIP system, companies can advertise a single number that is owned by the business, but can simultaneously ring multiple devices, including office handsets, mobiles and even a home phone.

Stay in control

This means businesses remain in control of the channels of communication between customers and staff, minimising the risk of a key client being poached by a former employee.

Mr Toth explained: "It is safe to say that virtually every business owner on Earth has had quality people leave their organisation and try to move business to a competitor. Why make it easy for them?"It starts with controlling the flow of incoming calls. If you could avoid even one star taking business with them to a competitor, it would be worth taking countermeasures, right?"

A recent report from Gartner predicted that global business spending on telecoms services will reach $1.63 trillion (£952.25 billion) in 2014, up by 0.7 percent year on year. As such, tools such as VoIP are likely to be more widely used than ever before.

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