Online security and backing up - The scary truth

As some of us are planning to celebrate the ‘scary’ day that is Halloween there are many real world threats awaiting businesses of all sizes.

Published on: 28 October 2016

Over the years some of these threats have successfully been reduced or eliminated, such as credit card cloning with the advent of chip and pin. However there is one that has been steadily increasing in scale and complexity, that is the confusing world of online threats.

SME online threats

Symantec, the online security company reported that “there were over 1 million web attacks against people each day in 2015, with major security vulnerabilities present in 75% of popular websites”. You might be thinking, well this relates to personal internet browsing so it doesn’t apply to business users. Read on.

“In the last five years, we have observed a steady increase in attacks targeting businesses with less than 250 employees, with 43 percent of all attacks targeted at small businesses in 2015, proving that companies of all sizes are at risk.” Reference

We are all aware of common best practise around opening unusual looking emails and the importance of updating our firewalls to stay protected against threats. However even with the tightest controls in place some attacks are successful and the worst case scenario is a complete loss of data, through corruption or theft.

Prepare for the worst

The loss of information to any business is critical. Every business relies on a physical infrastructure to store day to day information on site but making sure this is securely backed up on a regular basis is often over looked until it’s too late. Creating a backup process is not difficult or complicated with the advent of cloud services. You no longer need a pile of CD’s or pen drives stored in a safe.

With a cloud based backup solution you can automatically backup your data to a secure, remote UK server which is professionally managed. If your original data is lost you can quickly restore it from the cloud and be back up and running, as if nothing happened within minutes.

Telappliant cloudStore is a resilient, business grade, cloud backup solution that protects your files and emails from loss, theft or corruption. All data we hold is encrypted using military grade standards and replicated across multiple, geographically diverse UK only data centres.

  • Scalable – Increase your storage capacity as your requirements grow.
  • Resilient - Backups are replicated to two geographically diverse data centres
  • Flexible – User friendly destination management - backup to your chosen location

Keep your data safe

Criminals are no longer breaking into bank vaults and stealing credit cards, the new currency is digital information which means your valuable data could be at risk if unsecured or not backed up, Don’t let your business become another statistic.

If you are not already backing up your businesses data, you should be.
Setup your free 60 day trial with 10Gb of storage and start protecting your data today.
Sign up, download the software direct from our website and start backing up your data within minutes……before it’s too late.

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