It's Good to Talk

Talk is important but so is balancing the books. Find out how you can have a professional business phone system, with the latest features while still saving money.

Published on: 11 April 2016

It's not just good to talk in business – it's necessary, no matter what size your organisation might be. From the very small to the incredibly large, we speak to people near and far every minute of the day, and if there's one thing talk isn't, it's cheap.

So it's little wonder that astute companies looking for ways to drive down their operating costs and become more profitable are focusing on such traditionally high expenses as phone bills. 

For the average firm, they can run into the many hundreds if not thousands every months, crippling figures they must somehow afford to stay operational.

No more phone lines

But here's some good news: it doesn't have to be that way. Just by ditching your fixed-line phone system and installing a VoIP network in your company you will dramatically slash those telephony costs. You will use an internet connection to transport your calls and data simultaneously.

Consistent spend is predictable

All the costs of VoIP are, in fact, spread out monthly and the reason is there's no need to "rent" a line for it to operate. As part of most VoIP packages is inclusive minutes, so the cost of your calls is predictable.

Additionally, if you're on a tight budget and want to limit spending in certain areas, with VoIP, you can choose a particular call plan that suits you. You'll get a set amount of minutes included in the plan, and you can easily keep track of how much you're spending on your calls – something that's practically impossible with fixed lines being used nonstop by staff.

Technology that grows at your pace

For businesses that are growing and perhaps rapidly expanding, launching new products and services, taking on new staff and dealing with growing numbers of customers – you need more phone lines installed on-site to accommodate all this. Except you don't. Your VoIP provider can instantly allocate more virtual numbers to your company so that you'll be set up in a flash; there's even no need for an engineer to come out.

Additionally, if you're finding that the initial expense of setting up a VoIP system in your company is too high, you can lower the cost by renting the phones instead of buying them.

Find out more

For the sleek and modern firm seeking to be more profitable, VoIP wins over fixed-line communications every time. Explore the perceived barriers and review the benefits of VoIP telephony for business with our  VoIP Telephony for Business Whitepaper.

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