Is remote working here to stay?

According to the office of National statistics, home working stats rose by 10% in early 2020.

It feels like a low statistic, but how does that compare with the percentage of home workers in 2021?

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Published on: 10 August 2021

Now we are beginning a ‘new normal’ with regards to hybrid working, you could expect that percentage to have increased significantly, but how many home workers will stay remote? And how many workers want to return back to the office? 

It’s all about the balance

For years some of us have craved a good work/life balance, and being thrown into that with the Coronavirus pandemic wasn’t really what many envisaged. Working at home whilst having to home-school children was tough, and if you found yourself in that situation, we know how that felt, many of us were in that boat with you. 

Now we are moving towards a post-pandemic world, do you find yourself desperate to return to the office, or are you considering working from home permanently? 

Post-pandemic remote working

In 2019, a large proportion of UK remote workers were London based (ONS), and compared to the number of people across the UK now working remotely, is this something that is here to stay, or have you been asked to return to the office full-time?

In a recent ONS report on remote working, declining figures in remote working due to restrictions easing were recorded, and when survey participants were asked about home working, they stated the main negatives being the challenges faced in collaboration. 

Bringing businesses closer

 Many remote workers will at some stage miss working in an office, which is why a hybrid approach is preferred by many in a post pandemic workplace. But if collaboration is still an issue 18 months on, maybe it's time to rethink the remote working infrastructure that your business has in place?

 Managed service providers (like us) can offer many benefits to your remote-working set up. You can learn more about what you might need to get started with successful home working in our blog ‘Top 10 essentials for your home working toolkit’.

If you are already home working and just want a general conversation about possible improvements you could make to your company remote working strategy then don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

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