Why you should choose FTTC internet

In this article, we’ll look at the positive impact that fibre has had on businesses and why you should choose this connection by showing you how it enables growth and flexibility.

Published on: 10 March 2015

FTTC standards for Fibre To The Cabinet (the cabinet being the green box on your street)

About fibre

An FTTC internet connection is able to provide much higher upload and download speeds, with downstream speeds reaching 80Mbps, and upstream reaching 20Mbps. FTTC is able to increase business productivity, reduce costs and unlock the potential of cloud computing, along with other bandwidth-hungry services.


Business growth


Over 50% felt that fibre has enabled their business to grow  


reported an increase in turnover  


said that it had enabled them to generate new sales or contracts

Interestingly, over 50% of the businesses surveyed stated that fibre had enabled their business to grow, whilst just under 40% reported that it had enabled them to generate new sales or contracts.

It’s worth noting that the data was gathered from 50 businesses who had been using fibre for at least 6 months. What this shows is that there is an immediate impact on the adoption of superfast Internet, resulting in bigger growth and increased revenue.


Better connectivity


stated that it helped reduce time & money  


are using multiple devices  


are sending and receiving larger files

Researchers found that those who have upgraded to fibre have found that it has saved them time and money, whilst their approach to work has also differed, with users now adopting multiple devices, like their smartphone and laptop on the go to complete business critical tasks. Perhaps tellingly, it’s claimed that small and medium businesses are far more reliant on fibre connectivity than they were on regular broadband, suggesting that the overall improvements to connectivity and productivity have made it a business requirement, rather than just another way to browse the Internet.


Collaborate more


are adopting cloud computing  


now use Internet telephony  


said they can now work remotely

Intriguingly, the statistics before and after fibre was installed tell an interesting story. The increase of the use of cloud computing has risen by over 35%, whilst cost-saving Internet telephony solutions have more than doubled in their usage. The most striking statistic, however, is for those that now work remotely. Whereas just 13% of the businesses surveyed said they use remote working before, the figure has now grown to 67%.

These are the clearest indications that fibre Internet is changing the way businesses operate. Allowing employees to work from home, collaborate better and operate their telephone system from their Internet connection.

What is evident is that these figures tell us that fibre Internet solutions are becoming vital to business operations, with the connectivity boost resulting in more agile and profitable companies.


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