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In this Telappliant Expert Blog, our Technical Pre-sales manager, Chris Barron, discusses how building long-term relationships with suppliers is key to transitioning to newer technologies.

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Published on: 27 October 2014

Convergence of current and future telephony means that IT decisions can no longer be made in isolation.

By the coincidences that BBC schedulers seemed to delight in, last week I watched two films set in regional radio stations: the recent ‘Alan Partridge's Alpha Papa’ and Scottish 80s movie ‘Comfort and Joy’. That film’s 1980's radio station had just one lonely PC, a Commodore PET, and a bunch of typewriters. This led me to think about how the IT industry had served small & medium enterprise since that time and how the advent of cloud computing is changing things.

Product development of cloud based CRM, accounting packages, HR and stock control systems are so rapid that anyone trying to make a decision based on the pros and cons will find it impossible to know where to start.

Decisions like these should be supported by long-term relationships between customer and IT supplier. In the telephony world, Centrex's ‘as hosted pre VoIP telephony’ was sold in that way and we believe in the same relationship building as a means of advising and guiding our clients.

Long term relationships, local referral and maintaining customer-supplier confidence is not something you can get from a Google search, but from a social network where your customers, competitors and suppliers ‘meet’.

I believe that customers and potential customers are best served by being able to obtain clear advice from the industry on the basis of strategic choice; that the best way of meeting a customer’s needs is to maintain the regime of ‘relationship’, and choice in order to maintain a journey. This will make choosing new business solutions much much more reliable.

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