Business on the Beach

Some people believe that work and vacation should never appear in the same sentence, however, in the words of Céline Dion: it's inevitable.

Published on: 20 April 2015

It's about that time of year, isn't it? Summer is just around the corner and we're all thinking about our vacations: the sun, the sea, the business calls – wait, what?

Yes, even though we try so hard, some of us still find it impossible to switch off completely whilst on vacation. You can never be totally sure that something isn't going to go terribly wrong in the office and that, when it does, you’re going to be stuck on a beach somewhere in the south of France.

The good thing about cloud communications is that with features like call forwarding and voicemail-to-email, you can have speedy access to calls and voicemails from anywhere on the planet. Whether you're in Asia, Europe or even Antarctica, you will always have access to messages or calls, ensuring you're never left in the dark in the event of an emergency.


By installing a softphone, like Zoiper, to your mobile phone, you can negate the need to buy a local phone and SIM card whilst on holiday, opting instead to call through your business telephone system. What this means is that you can conduct business like you're still at home and skip any high roaming fees and long distance call charges completely.

We're not saying that you should be on high alert throughout your vacation, we're just saying that there is no problem with having a little extra security and flexibility whilst you're away. It may even help you to relax more knowing that whatever happens, you can step in and save the day with minimum fuss.

A cloud communications solution is the perfect guard dog for your business whilst you're away on holiday. Before booking your next trip, ask yourself if your phone system flexible enough to handle your departure, if it isn't, then you may want to give us a call.


To give your summer vacation an extra slice of relaxation, contact us by using one of the buttons below and we'll tell you how you can start getting more sun out of your cloud today.


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