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How remote working can save money and increase productivity

According to the Office for National Statistics, remote working is on the rise. There are now more ‘home workers’ in the UK than ever before: since records began in 1998, their ranks have swelled by 1.3 million and home workers now represent almost 15% of the nation’s workforce.

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Posted by | 6 July 2016

How technology can improve customer service

In this post, we’ll explore how smaller companies can use VoIP technology to drive real improvements in the way they interact with their audience.

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Posted by | 27 June 2016

Flexible working: Your rights and what it means for your boss

If the idea of working more flexibly is firmly on your radar, you’re not alone. Nearly half of the UK workforce would like to have greater control over when and where they do their job – and thanks to recent legislation it is now much easier for employees to request change.

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Posted by | 16 June 2016

What Connection do I Need for VoIP?

VoIP relies on having the right connection for the job. So make sure your connection has enough bandwidth for your requirements before switching.

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Posted by | 2 June 2016

ITSPA Award Winners

It's award season again and Telappliant and VoIPtalk have made a flying start with 3 nominations and 1 win

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Posted by | 20 May 2016

6 Tips for Your Unified Communication Strategy

Demolish the barriers between your phone system and IT
infrastructure. Unified Communication offers an easy to implement and simple to manage solution.

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Posted by | 11 April 2016

It's Good to Talk

Talk is important but so is balancing the books. Find out how you can have a professional business phone system, with the latest features while still saving money.

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Posted by | 11 April 2016

No More Waiting Around For An Engineer

The time when you had to call your internet provider to book a visit from an engineer are over. The future of auto installing routers is here.

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Posted by | 17 March 2016

Planning Your Next Communication Solution

Planning is key to the success of any business whether its sales, marketing or infrastructure planning. Communication is the lifeblood of every company but choosing the right solution is often overlooked.

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Posted by | 11 March 2016

How Will Millennials Communicate at Work?

The set-up of the traditional office as we know it is changing and so is the way that Millennials want to communicate with one another and their customers.

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Posted by | 1 March 2016

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