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Having been in the cloud communication industry for over a decade, we are uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive insight into voice, cloud, internet and communications solutions.

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Welcome to Jurass-IP Park

God help us, we're in the hands of engineers.

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Posted by | 29 May 2015

The Dinosaurus: I

Updated business jargon for the Millennials.

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Posted by | 20 May 2015

A Brief History of PBX

Bringing communications to business, whilst sticking it to the man. The story of the PBX is one of wonder and excitement with a little bit of danger thrown in, too.

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Posted by | 15 May 2015

4 superpowers to be gained by unifying your communications

As with many sci-fi movie robots, it becomes self-aware and decides to destroy the human race. A similar thing happened with VoIPOffice, but the less said about that, the better....

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Posted by | 1 May 2015

The Death of the Desk Phone

In the past couple of years, many people have written off the traditional office desk phone, as UC (unified communications) takes on the task of connecting our businesses.

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Posted by | 28 April 2015

Game of Phones

When we started this blog, we promised that we would always deliver interesting and original content, and you should know by now that Telappliant always pays its debts.

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Posted by | 23 April 2015

Business on the Beach

Some people believe that work and vacation should never appear in the same sentence, however, in the words of Céline Dion: it's inevitable.

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Posted by | 20 April 2015

36 Business VoIP Features Explained

Join us as we count down some of our favourite business VoIP features.

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Posted by | 17 April 2015

Is one telephone number enough for a small business?

In business, your telephone number is a crucial part of your identity. It's the initial statement of intent and should be taken very seriously.

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Posted by | 14 April 2015

4 moments in history that would be different without telephones

Sometimes at Telappliant HQ, we like to take a moment and wonder about times gone by.

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Posted by | 10 April 2015