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Top 15 tips to improve cyber security

SMEs have to juggle a huge number of tasks to stay profitable and grow. Balance the books, nurture staff, generate new business and maintain cyber security.

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Posted by | 15 June 2017

We are now part of the G-Cloud framework

We are pleased to announce that Telappliant are now a supplier on the Crown commercial Service's (CCS) G-Cloud framework.

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Posted by | 25 May 2017

Digital connectivity increases productivity and growth

There are clear benefits to the wider UK economy if small businesses further increase their use of broadband and mobile services. And the businesses themselves benefit from growth and increased productivity from engaging with the digital economy.

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Posted by | 16 May 2017

Telappliant have been shortlisted for the ISPA Awards

The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK) has announced the finalists for the 2017 annual ISPA awards and Telappliant have been shortlisted.

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Posted by | 5 May 2017

Telappliant have been awarded the ITSPA Quality Mark

The new version of the Quality Mark was launched in 2016 and now has nine Quality Mark holders. The Quality Mark is awarded to companies that go above and beyond current best practice to ensure a trusted and reliable service.

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Posted by | 4 May 2017

BT announce the end of ISDN and PSTN

BT will be switching off their PSTN and ISDN network in 2025. Read more about how this could affect your business and get in touch with our experts.

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Posted by | 26 April 2017

What is the 'cloud'?

Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand.

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Posted by | 13 April 2017

Telappliant are ITSPA 2017 Award Finalists

ITSPA have just announced the finalists for their 2017 awards to be held on the 9th May at the Tower of London.

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Posted by | 10 April 2017

What is an Interactive Voice Response System?

An IVR (interactive voice response) system can give your business instant credibility; quickly improve productivity and customer satisfaction all while providing greater flexibility.

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Posted by | 29 March 2017

What internet speed do I need for my business?

Unless you have hard data on your organisation’s usage, it can be tricky to work out what internet speed (or bandwidth) you actually need. Top-of-the-range services can be costly and are not always necessary however, trying to do too much with too little capacity can seriously hamper productivity.

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Posted by | 13 March 2017