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PB EX: It's not me, it's you

When both parties agree to split, then breaking up can seem pretty easy. Join us for an honest look at why old relationships are no longer standing the test of time.

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Posted by | 30 January 2015

Innovation's fantastic destruction

Innovation and destruction are not words you usually find sandwiched together. One describes the beautiful concept of genius and creation, whilst the other describes the art of destruction, or an ending. Polar opposites, or so you might think.

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Posted by | 27 January 2015

A Brief History of Cloud

Read our brief history of Cloud and learn how the cloud came to be what it is today, detailing the most important developments and technology breakthroughs throughout its 60-year history.

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Posted by | 23 January 2015

6 simple rules you can follow every day to boost productivity at work

We’ve all had that sinking feeling of falling behind at work; deadlines hurtling towards you, whilst you’re submerged in what feels like a never-ending sea of messages, stuck playing email ping pong with the logistics department, all trying to keep that customer satisfied.

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Posted by | 16 January 2015

4 New Year's Resolutions that all small business owners should be making in 2015

How you begin a New Year is crucial, as the way in which you approach January through to March will set a precedent for what is expected going forward.

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Posted by | 9 January 2015

Develop business relationships for better business decisions

In this Telappliant Expert Blog, our Technical Pre-sales manager, Chris Barron, discusses how building long-term relationships with suppliers is key to transitioning to newer technologies.

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Posted by | 27 October 2014

Learn, sell & earn

Register for an exclusive partner webinar held by our inhouse wholesale experts Chris Barron and Mustafa Zaim. Save your spot to learn more about what you can offer to your customers and how you can sell to them what you're offering.

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Posted by | 22 October 2014

Welcome to Unitel One Source

Telappliant, an 11 year old London-based communications provider, specialising in Internet telephony solutions for businesses, announced today that it has acquired Unitel One Source, a Manchester-based communications provider.

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Posted by | 26 September 2014

The Future of Cloud Telephony has Begun

We live in a world that’s driven by technology. In the past decade alone, we’ve seen the rise of social media, an Apple revolution and broadband made available to the masses.

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Posted by | 22 August 2014

Use VoIP to avoid losing customers when staff leave

Matthew Toth, president of Collaborative Communications Consulting, said that this is one of the hidden benefits of hosted VoIP, as a result of the greater control this technology can provide over a corporate comms network.

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Posted by | 11 July 2014

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