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Top Myths About PCI Compliance

Have you fallen victim to one of the most common PCI myths? Discover the top 7 examples that could be putting your business at risk…

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Posted by | 13 April 2018

Top 5 PCI facts every small business owner should know

PCI DSS applies to all businesses that accept card payments but many business owners don’t fully understand what PCI is and how it’s enforced.

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Posted by | 20 September 2017

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is used primarily for the purposes of remote access and protecting confidential data. In particular cases, it can be imperative for a small business to use a VPN to cut costs and save time.

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Posted by | 22 August 2017

Telappliant Join the Connect Westminster Scheme

Westminster City Council has recently secured £2.8m to deliver an ERDF funding project that aims to connect SMEs within Westminster and the West End to gigabit capable broadband connections.

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Posted by | 8 August 2017

Telappliant win the ISPA 'Best VoIP' Award 2017

The Internet Service Providers’ Association have unveiled the winners of the 19th Annual UK Internet Industry Awards, the ISPAs.

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Posted by | 21 July 2017

How to choose the right VoIP phone system

Planning is key to the success of choosing the right VoIP phone system. Communication is the lifeblood of every company but taking the time to choose the right solution is often overlooked.

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Posted by | 28 June 2017

Top 15 tips to improve cyber security

SMEs have to juggle a huge number of tasks to stay profitable and grow. Balance the books, nurture staff, generate new business and maintain cyber security.

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Posted by | 15 June 2017

We are now part of the G-Cloud framework

We are pleased to announce that Telappliant are now a supplier on the Crown commercial Service's (CCS) G-Cloud framework.

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Posted by | 25 May 2017

Digital connectivity increases productivity and growth

There are clear benefits to the wider UK economy if small businesses further increase their use of broadband and mobile services. And the businesses themselves benefit from growth and increased productivity from engaging with the digital economy.

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Posted by | 16 May 2017

Telappliant have been shortlisted for the ISPA Awards

The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK) has announced the finalists for the 2017 annual ISPA awards and Telappliant have been shortlisted.

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Posted by | 5 May 2017