5 reasons you should ditch your traditional telephony

Will VOIP replace traditional telephony? In short - yes! In 2020 BT announced that in 2025 traditional telephony as we know it would be no more. This means that all homes and businesses would need to switch over to VoIP (also known as internet telephony, cloud calling and cloud telephony) before it was turned off.


Published on: 5 January 2022

Benefits of VoIP for business

VoIP can offer many advantages from being more cost effective, to offering a much improved method of communication, making it an ideal solution for many small businesses. Here are our top 5 VoIP benefits:

1. Cost effective

Because VoIP services use your existing internet connection, there is no need to pay for legacy ISDN and telephone line rental charges. Costs for VoIP lines (also known as SIP trunks) are typically 70% lower than traditional line charges, as well as call rates that mean you could be saving thousands of pounds per year. 

2. Improved call quality

A higher call quality is usually one of the first benefits reported by VoIP users. Internet telephony can offer high definition voice via the internet, offering remarkable call clarity and crisp audio . Pair this with new hardware and you are all set for a truly enhanced calling experience!

3. Reliable

Unlike it's predecessor, internet telephony offers faster and more reliable methods of making calls. And, problems with internet connections can usually be resolved in much less time than it might take to repair traditional phone lines, ultimately leading to cost and time savings which can be critical to most business functions. 

4. Flexible

Because of the endless possibilities associated with business VoIP, your telephony solution can be quite literally built to your exact needs. You can bundle minutes in to your office phone system call plans for a single bill, as well as adding on Microsoft Teams to allow you to use direct dialling (using teams as your phone), and video calling. AI based sentiment analysis technology can also be added to help your team improve their customer service capability.

5. Scalable 

If you are a small business with big plans, VoIP has you covered. It's easy to scale up your operation, as increasing capacity and users is a matter of making configuration changes rather than changing equipment!

Overall, the benefits of VoIP are endless, giving your business the leverage it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

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