5 Reasons To Choose A Unified Communications Application

From facilitating remote working to seamless integrations across devices, discover why a Unified Communications app could be right for your business.

Published on: 31 January 2019

5 Reasons To Choose A Unified Communications Application

The rise of VoIP among businesses has seen improvements to productivity and communications, by channelling phone calls through a cloud-based interface and eliminating the need for a phone line.

This is an opportunity for businesses to deploy the features of an IP PBX, without needing to pay for maintenance and other costs. But as businesses grow and telecommunications technology evolves just as quickly as the digital space in which we all exist, the way in which businesses communicate will require a shift to accommodate growth.

We’ve identified five ways to tighten up this business communications picture. By deploying Unified Communications – our multi-platform application, you can expect to carry out the following within your business:

Facilitate remote working with improved connectivity between colleagues and customers

As businesses grow, so does their employee count. But, what if you’ve found the ideal candidate for a position at your firm, but they don’t live within a commutable distance? A Unified Communications app will enable you to employ the right people from wherever they are in the world, with its simple interface and streamlined instant messaging, call management and contact integration.

Seamless integrations helping boost collaborative working

Hand-in-hand with the point above, the Unified Comms app’s seamless integrations are a proven way to boost collaborative working in the business. Say goodbye to departmental silos and increase productivity with a workforce that can easily communicate with each other. The Unified Comms app integrates with devices such as SIP phones, Apple and Outlook contacts, and even different browsers.

Easy call management and laptop video calling saves time and admin

Instead of spending valuable time managing calls on the handset, our Unified Comms app allows you to make calls from your laptop or computer. You can make phone calls online, and work towards reducing unnecessary admin and quicken the way you handle calls – making more time for other business.

Instant messaging improves efficiency and encourages better internal communication

With employees working remotely, and customers contacting you from all parts of the globe, it’s important to have a robust communication platform in place. What if a phone line fails? What if emails go to junk by accident? Avoid these kinds of delays with an instant messaging capability that keeps you in touch directly.

Customisable interface

Finally, every business wants to build their brand picture both internally and externally. With our Unified Communications application, you can customise your interface to be bespoke to your business. This will give your remote employees a sense of company culture and maintains your business profile to a professional standard.

Bringing it all together

Unified Communications applications streamline communications and productivity both internally and externally, enabling employees to feel empowered with easy ways to get in touch with colleagues and customers. You can encourage business growth with a bespoke interface that can be tailored as and when, and you can employ the right experts from different parts of the UK (or even the rest of the world) with a robust remote working system.

If you’d like to find out more about our Unified Communications application, download our VoIPOffice Communicator brochure today.

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