4 superpowers to be gained by unifying your communications

As with many sci-fi movie robots, it becomes self-aware and decides to destroy the human race. A similar thing happened with VoIPOffice, but the less said about that, the better....

Published on: 1 May 2015

Whilst we ourselves are not huge fans of the superhero genre we do appreciate a great team when we see one. It actually got us thinking about another great team, a team of features, ideas and tools that give you true power over your work environment. We call this team unified communications.


4. Presence lets you see through walls

If you thought The Hulk was impressive because he could smash down walls, then we feel sorry for you as you are clearly impressed by wimpy things. Whereas The Hulk needs to use his fists, we prefer to save money on plasterboard and use presence to see what’s going on in another room, effectively giving us x-ray vision.

Use presence to see if your colleagues are on the phone or busy, ensuring that you never have to exercise your legs ever again.


3. Time travel with Call Recording

If any of you read the Avenger comics (or you’re like us and spend way too much time on Wikipedia), you’ll know that series antagonist Dr. Doom has a time machine that he uses to pass through time freely. We'd go into the science, but it’s classified and we’ve already said too much.

However, we will tell you how you can achieve a form of time travel with a little feature that we like to call call recording. Impressed? Thought so. With call recording, you can actually listen to conversations that have happened in the past, but today! It’s like The Twilight Zone, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park all rolled into one, only completely true.


2. Be in two places at once with Follow me

With his incredible speed, Quicksilver, can literally be in two places at once. In the time it takes you read this sentence, he's already done his weekly shop, watched the original Die Hard Trilogy back-to-back and put his washing out. Totally awesome, right?

Well, with Follow Me, your business calls will follow you around wherever you go. Whether you're in the office, at the supermarket or even watching John McClane take down Severus Snape, you can still be in the office in the eyes of your customer. Just like Quicksilver, they'll never know you were gone. You’ll be, quite literally, everywhere at the same time – or as we like to call it, super connected.


1. Create your own Fortress of Solitude

After a long day of crime fighting, where does Superman hang out? Not with Lois Lame as she is, in our opinion, high maintenance. No, he goes and shoots hoops with his ghost dad at the Fortress of Solitude. It’s made of ice so it’s quite literally a very cool place to chill. He has the best Sky package and will spend all night watching premium HBO, and who can blame him? Wouldn't you? It's a happening setup he's got there and you should be very jealous.

Don't fret though, with Unified Communications, you too can have such a sweet setup. With all your favourite productivity features in one place, you can share, collaborate and do plenty of other stuff that we couldn't even be bothered to type. Your office will become the ultimate workelor pad - your very own worktress of solitude.

Remember, with great communications comes great responsibility. Now that you have access to these powers, we implore you to be sensible and not to share them with anybody else. Who knows what could happen if everybody had such manipulation of communication at their fingertips?


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