3 ways artificial intelligence in phone calls can transform your business

If you’ve never considered artificial intelligence (AI) as an integral cog in delivering your business objectives, then now is the time.

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Published on: 4 March 2021

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With AI-enabled voice calls your customers can benefit from enhanced call experiences, as well as providing a myriad of business advantages.

Located in the cloud, AI is working blisteringly fast to process and feed intelligent data mid-call, offer real time call quality analysis to aid with better account management and offering a level of data protection that you might not even have imagined yet.


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1. Enhanced customer service

 At some point in our lives, we’ve probably all had to call a company that asks you to repeat your name and account number before being transferred to another team as well as having to go through security multiple times. Whilst sometimes this is a by-product of sophisticated cybersecurity systems, it can often leave your customers feeling frustrated and annoyed.

When used correctly, AI for business can build value at various customer touch points. With advanced voice recognition, your customers can speak to personnel by navigating through your phone system using their voice to select options.

Instead of a password, a caller’s voice can be used for authentication using a technique known as ‘voiceprinting’. This is the identification of an individual by using a set of measurable characteristics within the human voice to arrive at a mathematical formula that uniquely identifies one’s voice.

AI can be used for redacting sensitive data such as easily identifiable information on call recordings. By implementing recognition algorithms for numbers and keywords, sensitive information from call recordings can be deleted or overwritten with white noise.


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2. Quality training in real time

AI for business helps to improve the quality of interactions with your customers by providing sophisticated insights for call handlers. During each call, AI software algorithms are analysing voice data in real time to be able to offer near-instantaneous intelligent insights into the conversation. An AI might highlight how often a call agent interrupts the caller or might conduct sophisticated sentiment analysis to offer ways that the call agent can progress the conversation to a more comfortable and better customer experience.

Sentiment analysis and keyword matching can also be critical for helping emergency services in detecting important words and phrases from a caller in order to take further action, such as the rapid alert of other services. Fast decision making performed by an AI can dramatically reduce the time a call agent is engaged on a call, and reduce the amount of time it takes emergency responders to arrive. 


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3. Improved sales figures

Salespeople are usually the first point of contact your prospective customers will engage with, so to give a good impression can ultimately improve your chances of making a sale. Steering conversations in the right direction is vital, but what happens when the call isn’t quite going to plan? In extreme cases it can damage your brand reputation and leave you exposed to your competitors.

This is where AI can literally add value. For support calls, AI can detect the mood of the caller, offering a deeper insight and providing early warnings and remedial actions if a conversation seems to be going in the wrong direction.

For outbound calls, an AI can listen for keywords and phrases to ensure that a sales agent is engaging properly with the prospect. It might also be listening for keywords to verify that the sales agent is pitching new products and services. The AI can use call whispering (technique where the agent can be spoken to without the caller hearing) to prompt the agent if certain words or phrases have not yet been mentioned. This approach isn’t fool proof but can dramatically improve customer satisfaction and lead generation.


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