Reassured searches the insurance market to provide competitive phone-based quotations for life and critical illness cover.

With all quotes and business done over the phone, Reassured currently handles around 90,000 calls per month.

Reassured was unhappy with the service it was receiving from its initial VoIP supplier. Although the company had slashed the cost of its calls, the call quality was poor and to make matters worse, the system kept crashing.

With thousands of calls being handled every day and the business depending entirely on sales made over the phone, more than anything Reassured was desperate to find a reliable VoIP provider. While the cost of calls and flexibility of the system were important factors, call quality and continuity were essential.

Customer Comment

All of our business is done over the phone, so it is absolutely essential to have a system we can depend on to provide high-quality and reliable calls. Thankfully, Telappliant has delivered on all its promises.

Apart from its reliability, I love the flexibility VoIPOffice provides. It is very easy to set up new IVRs, add people to the system, shift colleagues in and out of groups and manage all the other day-to-day activities. We also have a lot of software that the system has easily integrated with.

The features and functionality VoIPOffice provides have made our call centre more efficient and provided vital intelligence to make us more profitable. It is also reassuring to know we are fully compliant with the Financial Services Authority's call recording requirements.

Issues are extremely rare, but if something does arise the support team is very responsive. It is easy to contact anyone from account level to technical and, if someone promises to call you back, they will.

Trevor Tsang, Reassured


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80+ employees

80+ employees

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finance, insurance

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