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Nomad Digital

Nomad Digital is the leading global provider of wireless on-board IP connectivity solutions to the transportation sector.

Improving the connectivity of trains and buses, helps more than one billion passengers benefit from more reliable internet on the move.

Andy Arnell, Business Research Analyst at Nomad Digital explains: "The on-site IP PBX worked very well for us. With offices spread across the world, it gave us a very cost-effective telephony solution. The downside, however, was that we were fully responsible for its maintenance and uptime. Although we had never experienced any problems, and the risk of the PBX failing was relatively remote, the consequences of such an event would be likely to damage our reputation - a risk we were no longer prepared to take. Our CEO decided it was time to switch to a hosted VoIP phone system."

Andy continues: "Telappliant was already supporting us by providing SIP trunks and incoming phone numbers for our IP PBX and international offices. We decided to stay with Telappliant because we were happy with the service and felt confident they were able to meet the demands associated with an organisation of Nomad Digital's size."


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200+ employees



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