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Gold Travel works with leading travel companies such as Thomson, Thomas Cook and Virgin... provide tailor-made holidays worldwide. The company is committed to providing a comprehensive and bespoke customer service.

Gold Travel approached Telappliant as it already had a VoIP telephony solution from another provider, but was disappointed with the call quality, with calls frequently dropping. The company also received little in the way of account support and consequently felt abandoned with a difficult to use, unreliable phone system.

Gold Travel came to Telappliant in search of a reliable VoIP provider for its call centre and mobile phone calls. Urfan Azad, Managing Director, explains: "We had switched from a traditional analogue system to VoIP to reduce calls costs but the experience we had with our first provider wasn't particularly good. The calls kept dropping and were poor quality. We were, however, making the considerable savings we had anticipated. As we were very happy with VoIP from a financial perspective, we decided to switch suppliers."

Customer Comment

Since we moved to Telappliant, we haven't looked back. We were looking for a reliable, high-quality VoIP provider and they have proved to be exactly that. Aside from having the confidence they would deliver the service we needed, I liked the flexibility of Telappliant's hosted telephony system and all the features it offers.

In particular, call monitoring and call whispering have enabled us to improve not only our customer service but also our employee training too. If we have a new recruit, for example, we can run through previous calls to highlight areas for improvement.

We also use pre-recorded advertising messages while the caller is on hold. These are a great way to raise awareness of special offers and encourage cross and up-selling. They have become a very important marketing tool for us.

The interactive voice response (IVR) feature, which lets callers select menu options using their telephone keypad, has been equally brilliant, significantly reducing the number of disruptive admin calls.

Urfan Azad, Gold Travel


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