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BTC Activewear

BTC Activewear is the UK's leading multi-brand distributor of promotional, corporate, school and work wear.

Now part of the Falk and Ross Group, the largest multi-brand distributor in Europe, it has been selling school, work and sportswear to garment embroiders and printers for more than 20 years.

Three of BTC Activewear's four sites were equipped with traditional British Telecom (BT) analogue phone systems, while the newest office was equipped with an on-site IP PBX appliance for VoIP calls.

Using its PBX, BTC Activewear sought to bring all four sites onto a single telephony system. It therefore needed a UK landline call plan, more than 50 SIP trunks to provide the necessary channels for simultaneous calls and more than 50 incoming UK geographic numbers.


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100 employees

100 employees



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